Multimedia web-documentary about Polish artist Tadeusz Kantor.

Tadeusz Kantor was so called “total” artist. He was experimenting with plays, actors, stage and publicity; looking for new dimension for his theatre. His paintings, sculptures, happenings and performances are always connected to the periods, phases of his theatre. The golden era of his art, called The Theatre of Death was well known all over the world due to his must influential plays – Death Class and Wielopole, Wielopole which have change the theatre forever.

The web-documentary is not just an artist’s biography with chronological facts. I wanted to make a website that would work with Kantor’s ideas and reflect his experimental approach. The structure of the website is based on Kantor’s theatre – Cricot 2 – phases. User can just look through all the phases and have the comprehensive but short review of his life and work or dig deeper – experience Kantor’s paintings, sculptures, happenings, recorded plays; listen to interviews; read the explanations of the most important aspects of his work.

For my semestral task I designed the structure, interactivity, animations, uses of media for the most important and the biggest part of the web-documentary: The Theatre of Death.

The animated web preview can be found here.

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